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Pope Francis Picture 19x23 Fruitwood Frame

Framed Pope Francis Portrait 19"x 23"

Item# 2329043

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Many Catholic families like to have a picture of the current pope hanging in their homes. With the popularity of Pope Francis you can see why this would be so for this particular pope. This inspirational picture of Pope Francis is his official picture and shows him in the simple white robes he chooses to wear. The picture measures 19 by 23 inches and comes in a beautiful brown fruitwood frame which provides a lovely contrast to the white robes of the Pope. Pope Francis has exhibited a sense of humbleness from his first appearance after his election when he asked that those watching "pray for me" to his openness in interacting with all people. This picture showing him as the humble shepherd, for which he has become known, will be attractive and thought provoking hanging in any home, office or school. No matter where you hang the Pope Francis picture, it will be a reminder to offer your prayers for this man as he leads the Catholic Church forward in the world today. The Pope Francis picture comes boxed and ready to hang.

Pope Francis Picture 19x23 Official Picture Fruitwood Frame Boxed