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Pope Francis Print 8x10

8 x 10 Print of Pope Francis

Item# PR3120

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This print of popular Pope Francis is one put out by the Vatican. It shows Pope Francis in the simple white robes he wears in great humbleness as he gently smiles out at the viewer. The print measures 8x10 inches and is printed on high quality paper stock. The inexpensive price of this print means it can be given to a variety of people to hang in their homes or offices. One of the very first things Pope Francis did was as for prayers when he appeared on the balcony at the Vatican after his election. Having a picture of the Pope hanging in your office or home will be a reminder to you to pray for this man who has the daunting job of leading the Catholic Church at this turbulent time in history. The Pope Francis print can easily be framed in a common sized 8x10 frame. Prints can easily be purchased to hang in parish offices, school classrooms or religious education classrooms giving anyone who sees the print the image of a man who preaches humbleness and acceptance and practices what he preaches which is why he is so popular. It could be given to a small class of children or young people completing a sacramental program or to those going through an RCIA program as a reminder of how Pope Francis has called us to live and be responsible as Catholics today.

Pope Francis Print 8x10 Quality Paper Inexpensive