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Rosary Large Kiddie Colored Wood Beads

Large Kiddie Rosary with Colored Wood Beads

Item# 32120

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Decorate the room of your baby or small child with this spiritual and colorful kiddie rosary. This kiddie rosary allows you to introduce your child to the rosary with these larger and brightly colored beads. The kiddie rosary is 20-1/2 inches long and would add a bright touch of color and stand out on the wall of the room of a child. The beads of the kiddie rosary are made of a non-toxic wood so are safe for the child to touch and interact with. Each decade of the rosary has its own unique colored bead and each decade is separated from the others by a larger white bead so the child can learn his or her colors along with the prayers of the rosary. The beads of the kiddie rosary are strung on strong braided cord which is covered by the beads so should offer no danger to the child. The eyes of a child are drawn to bright colors so children will be attracted to the kiddie rosary if it is hung on the wall of their room providing the parents with the opportunity to talk about the rosary with their child.

Kiddie Rosary: 20-1/2" long; Non-toxic color wood beads