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Serenity Prayer - Resin Garden Stone

Serenity Prayer Garden Stone Resin

Item# 9924888

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Gardens are usually a place where one can experience peace and serenity. What better place to put this Serenity garden stone? The garden stone is made of a durable and sturdy resin and stone mixture and measures 10 by 12 inches. The Serenity Prayer was originally written by a minister, Reinhold Niebuhr, during World War II. It is now widely used in many recovery programs. This garden stone contains the traditional first lines usually used when saying the prayer but also has the rest of the prayer which talks about living one day at a time, enjoying one minute at a time and living in the world as we find it around us. The Serenity garden stone looks like gray stone and fits into a garden theme with the green vine embellishments found on the front of the stone.

The Serenity stone can also be hung on a porch, patio or in the home as it comes with a convenient hanger on the back of the stone. It would be a lovely gift to give to that special gardening family member or friend, to someone experiencing a troubling time or to someone who is in a recovery program and would be open to receiving an encouraging sign from you.

Serenity Garden Stone/Plaque Resin/Stone 10x12IN