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Set of 2 Belleek Shamrock Mugs

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Set of 2 Shamrock Mugs by Belleek

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Shamrocks, tea, Belleek...we must be talking about Ireland! Here's a set of 2 Belleek Shamrock mugs from Ireland's premiere pottery maker. Each mug is decorated with their signature hand-painted shamrock design on the basket weave surface first released in the 1880's. Made of Parian china, the traditional cream colored pottery creates Belleek's world renowned look. Measuring approximately 3.3" high by 4.7" wide by 3.7" deep, the pieces are adorned on the sides and the handles as well. Gifting these Belleek Shamrock mugs makes a fabulous gift for any friend or family member that is Irish at heart.

Can you imagine the delight on the face of newlyweds receiving this iconic pair of Belleek Shamrock mugs? How romantic to sip tea together in these handcrafted pieces still created using traditional methods. Add to the romance by including authentic Irish tea and perhaps a mix for scones. Or surprise your sweetheart on the morning of an anniversary, St. Patrick's Day, or Christmas with an authentic taste of Ireland! We have everything you need to experience the Emerald Isle on this side of the ocean.

Belleek Shamrock Mugs: 3.3"H x 4.7"W x 3.7"D; Made in Ireland by Belleek China