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Shamrock Stud Earrings

Shamrock Stud Earrings

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Grace your ears with these lovely shamrock stud earrings. The shamrock stud earrings are 18kt gold plated with green enamel coloring on the shamrock leaves giving a beautiful contrast to the earrings. Each leaf of the shamrock is in the shape of a heart which adds a dimension of love to the shamrock stud earrings so would make them a perfect gift to give your Irish lassie for Valentine's Day or any romantic occasion. The shamrock stud earrings would, of course, be the perfect gift for St. Patrick's Day but could be given and worn for any occasion like a birthday or graduation. The shamrock stud earrings are a smaller size so can be worn by anyone from children to adults and will be attractive on whoever is wearing them. Sometimes it is hard to find earrings small enough for children to wear but these shamrock stud earrings, with their smaller size, are a perfect size for children. Proclaim your Irish heritage with pride and as you accessorize your outfits with these attractive, stylish shamrock stud earrings. The shamrock stud earrings come on a card.

Shamrock Stud Earrings: 1/4"; 18kt gold; Made by Solvar in Dublin, Ireland