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Silver Claddagh Pendant SS 18In Chain

Sterling Silver Claddagh Pendant on 18" Chain

Item# 44965

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The Claddagh symbol is beloved around the world and the long ago tale of love gets a modern interpretation on this Claddagh pendant from Solvar Jewelry. The Galway sailor kidnapped away from his love and Ireland designed this symbol upon their reunion. The tale includes romance, devotion, and a gift of love; so does this 9/16 inch diameter Claddagh pendant design. The hands represent friendship, the heart stands for love, and the crown represents loyalty. All these symbols represent three core ingredients for a long-lasting relationship. This exquisite jewelry piece is prefect for a tangible message of enduring love.

Crafted in Ireland, our Claddagh pendant expertly reveals the kind of metal smith magic that happens in the hands of expert Irish craftsman. Notice the Celtic knot influence in the weave pattern of the open metal work on the arms. Since the Claddagh pendant has a jump ring, the bale connects to it allowing the 18 inch link chain to slip through making the Claddagh hang correctly. Get ready to add your own chapter to this beloved Irish legend when you purchase our Claddagh pendant.

Claddagh Pendant: 9/16 inch Diameter & 18 inch Chain; Sterling Silver; Made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry