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Sleeping Baby in Angel Wings Figurine

Baby Sleeping in Angel Wings Figurine

Item# 42175

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Wrapping newborns in the love and protection of angels is a fervent prayer of many family members as these vulnerable beauties begin their life. This statue, 'a baby in angel wings,' is one of our most popular selections. The inscribed verse inside the upper wing, 'Heavenly angels sent from above, Keep you from harm, wrap you in love,' rings true for people who cherish babies. Whether to celebrate a new arrival, a baptism, or a christening, this art piece makes a heart-warming gift. Made of a durable resin-stone mix, this baby in angel wings statue makes a wonderful addition to any home or garden.

And for anyone whose heart is broken over the loss of one who went straight back to heaven, the baby in angel wings statue expresses what each one of us prays for. Receiving this as a gift or purchasing the baby in angel wings statue for a family to assist the mourning process is a meaningful way to remember their brief, but beloved presence. Measuring 4-1/4 x 8-1/4 inches, this statue adds a sweetness to any area you decide to display it in.

Baby in Angel Wings Statue: 4-1/4 x 8-1/4 inches; Made of Resin-Stone Mix