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Comfirmation Gifts

Confirmation is a sacred rite of passage that strengthens and deepens one’s connection to God. Young adults embarking on the Confirmation journey will soon be established members of their faith, a process started early on during Baptism. At Confirmation, the promises made to renounce Satan and accept God are renewed and spoken. The confirmation of a young man or woman is a momentous occasion for every family, allowing loved ones to gather and celebrate this special moment. Whether you’re an aunt, uncle, godparent, cousin, or parent of the confirmed, you likely want the perfect present to mark the day of Confirmation. Irish Indeed has an unmatched variety of Confirmation gifts the confirmed lad or lass is sure to cherish. Our one of a kind pieces make for lovely Confirmation presents not found elsewhere.

The inventory of Confirmation gifts available from Irish Indeed includes great options for both boys and girls. We carry keepsake boxes, jewelry, lapel pins, inspirational plaques, rosaries, bookmarks, money clips, and more. Our jewelry options include sterling silver and gold chains both young men and women will love. From delicate and feminine pieces for girls, to chunky, masculine options for boys, they’re sure to wear this gift with pride as they look back on their Confirmation. Our inspiration plaques are also a top seller when it comes to Confirmation presents, giving the young adult of honor a visual representation of the commitment they’ve made that will fit seamlessly in their room or future home as they grow older. Our customers of Irish heritage love our selection of Confirmation gifts, as many feature classic Irish symbols such as the Claddagh decal, Trinity knot, and shamrock. Browse our offerings for Confirmation gift ideas today to find the perfect present for the special person in your life that is committing their life to Christ.
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