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St Brigids Cross Ornament 3.25IN

Ornament of St. Brigid's Cross

Item# 56303

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Honor one of Ireland's patron saints with this St. Brigid cross ornament. Measuring 3-1/4" x 3-1/4", the handsome cross looks like it's made of straw like the cross of rushes St. Brigid is famed for. Actually, this St. Brigid cross ornament is made of resin and comes with a gold cord for a hangar which looks attractive no matter where you hang it or when. A beautiful and meaningful Christmas ornament for any Irish-hearted person. The legends of St. Brigid are many, as well as how many ways there are to spell her name. No matter the spelling, she was faith-filled and compassionate woman.

February 1 is the traditional date people in Ireland make her crosses. It is a powerful symbol to the Irish the world over. The St. Brigid cross ornament highlights what she created while attending a pagan man on his death bed. While she listened to him, she wove a cross out of rushes and in the end, he converted to Christianity. St. Brigid is still popular in modern times and this cross ornament is an easy way to bring her presence into your home.

St. Brigid Cross Ornament: 3-1/4" x 3-1/4"; Made of resin