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St Michael Pendan/Prayer Card, 24 Inch Chain

St. Michael Prayer Card/Pendant on 24" Chain

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Honor St. Michael and wear this distinctive medal bearing his image. The medal has the words "St. Michael pray for us" encircling the traditional image of St. Michael standing with his foot on the devil or demon. The medal measures 3/4 inch across and comes on a 24 in stainless steel chain. Included with the medal is a laminated prayer card which has the short form of the St. Michael prayer which used to be said after every weekday Mass. "Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil etc". The prayer card will make a handy bookmark in any book you are reading or can be used for daily meditation.

St. Michael is the patron saint of the police, mariners, paratroopers so this medal would be a special gift to give someone in any of those protections as a sign of your prayers and blessings for them. The name Michael has been given the meaning who is like unto God so the medal would also be a more personal gift to give someone who is named Michael or who has chosen Michael as his Confirmation saint name. The St. Michael medal and bookmark come in a clear plastic bag.

St. Michael Medal and Laminated Bookmark Medal on 24IN Chain Bagged