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Sterling Silver Claddagh Cross Necklace

Claddagh Cross Necklace Sterling Silver

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Delight in this combination of a Claddagh and cross that creates a stunning necklace. There's sparkle from the tiny clear crystals placed inside the Claddagh arms and the green crystal set inside the heart. Creating this sterling silver Claddagh cross necklace is an artistic accomplishment since both of these iconic Irish symbols are known the world over. Since the message of Christ is eternal love, the 500 year old Claddagh echoes this with the hands, heart and crown. Created as a wedding ring by a kidnapped Galway sailor who found his love still waiting for him upon his return, it is filled with symbolism.The hands stand for friendship, the crown represents loyalty, and the heart symbolizes love.

Coming direct from Ireland by a company based in Dublin, you are assured of authentic Irish design and craftsmanship when you purchase this Claddagh cross necklace. Measuring 1" high by 5/8" wide, the pendant hangs on an 18 inch chain. The sophisticated feel of this Claddagh cross necklace makes a heart-felt gift for any special occasion. Give the message of love with Irish flair.

Claddagh Cross Necklace: 1" high x 5/8" wide and 18" chain; Sterling silver and crystals; Made in Ireland by Solvar