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Sterling Silver Claddagh Necklace

Claddagh Necklace Sterling Silver

Item# 45475

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Enjoy Emerald Isle romance. Inspired by Victorian Era jewelry, this Claddagh necklace includes Connemara marble and marcasite used during that time period. The Connemara marble is over 600 million years old and found exclusively in western Ireland. The marcasite is a faceted crystal with a lively metallic luster that adds just the right amount of glitter. The Claddagh is well recognized as a romantic symbol since it was originally created over 500 years ago. The Claddagh necklace measures 5/8" in diameter and hangs on an 18" sterling silver chain.

The exquisite Connemara marble is placed along the upper arch of the arms and inside the heart on the Claddagh necklace. Each piece of marble is different so no two necklaces are alike. There are 3 marcasite crystals on each arm. The hands represent friendship, the heart symbolizes love and the crown stands for loyalty. These symbols come together in this meaningful Irish symbol which is why it is still popular as a gift item today. This Claddagh necklace is designed and made in Dublin, Ireland by a family owned business, Solvar Jewelry.

Claddgh Necklace: 5/8" diameter on 18" chain; Sterling silver, Authentic Connemara marble, and Marcasite; Made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry