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Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring with CZ on Wide Band

Claddagh Ring with Cubic Zirconia on Wide Band

Item# 98577

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The wide band on these Claddagh rings catche the eye with its multitude of clear crystals sparkling like the eyes of the Claddagh legend's lovers' after they finally got married. The crystal filled band is a dazzling presentation. These Claddagh rings are full of Celtic history as shown by the core symbols: hands, heart, and crown, which represent friendship, love, and loyalty. Whether you are familiar with the rich heritage of this design or not, Claddagh rings speak for themselves as a wonderful gift to express your love.

Our Claddagh rings are made of sterling silver and if you are buying it for the love of your life, there are ways to wear it to let others know your heart is taken. If your heart is promised to another, then wear Claddagh rings on your right hand with the heart facing the wrist. If you wear the Claddagh ring on your right hand with the heart facing your fingertips, then it tells everyone that your heart is available. Either way, Claddagh rings are a romantic Celtic gift to cherish. Our Claddagh rings range in sizes 5-10 including half sizes. Indicate your choice in the designated box below.

Wide Band Claddagh Ring: Sizes 5-10; Sterling silver with cubic zirconia; Made in Ireland by Solvar