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Sterling Silver Cross Maltese on 18 Inch Chain

Sterling Silver Maltese Cross on 18" Chain

Item# 8019

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Beautiful in its simplicity is this plainly designed sterling silver cross. The sterling silver cross has little design except for the beveled edges on the ends of the arms of the cross but this uncluttered design also allows light to reflect beautifully off the cross so it gleams with a soft silver glow. The chain that comes with the silver cross is 18 inches long so the cross is a good length to be worn by children or women. The sterling silver cross will look striking and stand out against any item of clothing with which it is worn so is quite versatile in when it can be used. If you are looking for a Confirmation gift or perhaps want to give a gift to someone leaving for school, this sterling silver cross will be a perfect reminder to them that they are in your thoughts and prayers. The faith of a person does not have to be expressed with big gestures and this sterling silver cross shows that as it expresses faith in a simple, straight forward but very elegant and stylish manner. The sterling silver cross comes boxed.

Sterling Silver Maltese Cross. 18 Inch Chain. Gift Boxed.