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Sterling Trinity Knot Pendant

Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant

Item# 97541

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Capture the majesty and mystery of Ireland with this Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant . Though small, the meaning of this piece of Irish jewelry is significant. The Trinity Knot has been a traditional Irish symbol for centuries and over the years has come to represent many things. With the coming of Christianity the Trinity Knot came to symbolize never-ending love as there is no beginning and no end to the graceful curves of the Trinity Knot. More specifically, the three sides of the Trinity Knot represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A piece of Irish jewelry you will cherish forever, this sterling silver pendant captures a uniquely Irish symbol. The Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant is 3/8 inch wide and comes individually boxed with an 18 inch chain. How better to express your love than by giving that special someone the gift of the Trinity Knot Pendant?

Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Pendant: 3/8 inch wide, 18 inch chain, made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry.