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Three Irish Saints Paperback Vost, Kevin

Three Irish Saints, Kevin Vost

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In Three Irish Saints the author, Kevin Vost, encourages the reader to look at St. Kevin, St. Patrick and St. Brigid as the thinker, the doer and the lover and to find out with which spiritual style the reader may be more closely associated. In talking about each saint in Three Irish Saints Vost examines their lives and uncovers the qualities that made them who they are. "Dr. Kevin Vost mines ancient and modern sources to reveal what Sts. Kevin, Patrick and Brigid can teach us about the joys of contemplation, evangelization and charitable living". To help the reader find out which saint the reader most closely resembles or may be associated with, a short questionnaire is included in the back which asks questions about how the reader lives his or her life. The answers can then be used to determine which saint the reader may wish to learn more about or become more involved with. An interesting chart is also included in Three Irish Saints which shows which Commandments, works of mercy, sacraments and modern exemplars, among other things, are attributed to each saint. The subtitle of the book is "A Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Style" and help and information is given in the book to help you do just that.

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