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Tis a Blessing to be Irish

"Tis a Blessing to be Irish" by Rosemary Purdy

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This little "Elf-help" book, Tis a Blessing to be Irish, will give you lots of information about the Irish culture and will be interesting reading whether you are Irish, Irish at heart, or just wish you were Irish. The Tis a Blessing to be Irish paperback booklet has 80 pages and measures 4 by 6 inches so is easily carried with you when you find you cannot put the book down. Join the wee elfin folk and explore what it means to be Irish, an example of which you will find under number 36 which reads "The true legacy of an Irish heritage is love, love for the earth, for life and for God". With delightful illustrations, the Tis a Blessing to be Irish book will be a joy and pleasure to read and share with others over and over again. If you are Irish you probably already know how blest you are but the Tis a Blessing to be Irish book puts all those blessings into words and conveniently together in one place. Tis a Blessing to be Irish would be a delight to receive when opening a Christmas stocking or as a birthday gift.