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Trinity Knot Brooch Rhodium

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Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Brooch

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It is the Irish Isle the Northern and Western rims of Britain that the heritage of the Celts has endured. These are the lands the Romans did not conquer or where they failed to implant their own culture. In the far West the Celtic culture continued to flourish. Their artistic ability and fine craftsmanship are shown in their ornamental and metal work. After the fall of Rome, Celtic culture flowed back into many regions of Western Britain, where their art and traditions have been faithfully maintained.

The Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Brooch reflects this long and rich tradition of the Celts. Plated in rhodium to prevent tarnishing and scratching, the durable Trinity Knot Brooch is rooted in Celtic art. The Trinity Knot, so prevalent in Celtic art and craft because of its complex meaning and simple form, takes shape here as distinctive, delicate jewelry. The ancient Celtic people used the continuous lines of their knot work to symbolize the interconnectedness of all things...things without beginnings and ends...the continuing spiritual journey of life. The Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Brooch measures approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and was crafted in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry.

Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Brooch: 1.5 inches in diameter, made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry.