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Trinity Knot Drop Earrings

Rhodium Plated Trinity Knot Drop Earrings

Item# 781

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What could be more timeless than the centuries old trinity knot design that began in Ireland back when monks sat creating masterful, illuminated manuscript pages day after day? Their works still affect us today; there's no mistake where the inspiration came from for the master designers that produced our Celtic trinity knot drop earrings. And it's no wonder the trinity knot is central to their work since the master designers live and work in the heart of Dublin. Yes, this trinity knot beauty was made in Ireland and carries all the whispers of its rich ancestry within them.

In this trinity knot design, a circle was worked into the endless overlapping to give it a fresh look. The two linear lines within the trinity knot generate visual guidance in graphic form for the eye to follow the eternal flow that Celtic knots are famous for. Our trinity knot earrings stand proudly alone or welcome their companion necklace if you are interested in a complete set for your jewelry collection. One look at this Rhodium plated trinity knot and their quality and craftsmanship are entirely evident. Order now and take pleasure in wearing the ultimate in Celtic knot decoration!