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Turtle Charms With Card

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Lucky Little Turtle Charms with Card

Item# EL6533

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This 'Lucky Little Turtle' charm carries its luck at all times and so will you when you bring it home! In Ireland, the turtle not only symbolizes luck, but is a symbol of longevity and Heaven's blessings. This Lucky Little Turtle charm represents reliance on one's self, patience, and staying in balance as well as being protected at all times. The Kelly green shell of the turtle is beautiful and shouts, 'I'm an Irish lovin' turtle!' making it eye catching and handsome. If you have an 'Irish' charm bracelet started, this is a must-have addition to your collection of meaningful Irish imagery.

This 'Lucky Little Turtle' charm is an ancient symbol for the Irish and many other cultures. If you or someone you care deeply about needs a little extra luck, protection, or boost in their ability to balance all of life's demands, then they'll love receiving this as a gift. Irish Blessings carries many delightful charms, so if you have an Irish lass you enjoy spoiling regularly, perhaps this 'Lucky Little Turtle' charm is the beginning of on-going surprises that share the magic of the beloved Emerald Isle.

Lucky Little Turtle Charm: Approx. 3/4 inch dia.; Metal & Glass