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Turtle Pouring Spoon

Black and Tan Turtle Pouring Spoon

Item# 930023

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You would not believe how many bartenders do not know how to pour a proper black and tan. Whip out the Turtle Pouring Spoon and show them how it is done. The Turtle Pouring Spoon is the ultimate device for creating the the classic black and tan and other delicious layered beers. The shell of the turtle fits across a pint glass and transforms a stream of stout into tiny rivulets, which facilitate layering. The mouth of the turtle also acts as a bottle opener. This stylish, dual-function tool is a must for any well-equipped Irish pub and home. Formed from premium grade stainless steel, the Turtle Pouring Spoon makes it a snap to prepare these popular and tasty drinks! The Turtle Pouring Spoon makes a great Irish gift for any occasion. You never know when you will need to pour the perfect black and tan!

Turtle Pouring Spoon: Stainless steel.