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Wood Communion Chalice Design Keepsake Box

Communion Chalice Design Wood Keepsake Box

Item# 9918112

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This beautiful box comes from Poland known for the wood carved products they produce. The box is made of wood and is hand carved and hand stained. The cover of the box has a chalice with the religious pax (peace) symbol and an upraised host. The chalice and host are featured imposed against a colored arch which looks like stained glass. All the details are carefully hand carved and all the staining is also done by hand. The colors of the staining contrast nicely and stand out against the lovely wood grain of the box. The wood box with chalice and host measures 5-1/8 inches long, 3-5/8 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches deep so can easily be set and displayed wherever desired. The size also enables you to store many things in the box from money to religious articles such as rosaries to sacramental mementoes and the box is suitable for either a boy or girl. The wood box with the chalice and host featured on the cover would be a perfect gift to give a young boy or girl who is making his or her First Communion as small communion mementoes will fit nicely in the box keeping them secure and in one place.

Wood Box with Chalice and Host Hand Carved and Hand Stained From Poland 5-1/8x3-5/8x1-1/2